General Relaxation Massage


The general relaxation massage uses gentle and deeply relaxing massage techniques that aim to restore the body balance and of the mind, e promotes a feeling of general well-being.

This type of massage has many benefits, helps to release muscle tension, improve the circulatory system, eliminate toxins, reduce stress and improve self-esteem.

Sports Massage


Sports massage uses deeper techniques and vigorousIt is mainly aimed at athletes.

It could be performed pre-workout or ppost-workoutIt is adapted to the desired objective.

This type of massage promotes better oxygenation and nutrient supply to the muscles, improves joint mobility, relieves tension and muscle fatigue and helps prevent future injuries.


Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic massage is essentially a localized and deep massage with the aim of relieving tension or pain resulting from stress, muscle contractures, maintained postures or repetitive efforts.

This type of massage helps to reduce pain, release muscle tension, contractures and sore spots and improve blood circulation in the affected area.


Therapeutic Massage

Caress in Every Touch: Discover Massage for Pregnant Women at the Fisioplexus Clinic! 🌸💖

Our Pregnancy Massage is carefully designed to provide relief, relaxation and well-being for both mum and baby on the way.

We tailor each session to address the specific tensions associated with pregnancy, focusing on areas such as the back, legs and shoulders to ensure complete and gentle relief.

We create a cosy and safe environment where mothers-to-be can completely relax. Every touch is guided by care and professionalism, providing precious moments of tranquillity.

Massage for pregnant women at Fisioplexus goes beyond physical relief. It promotes a special connection between mum and baby, creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

Exclusive benefits:

  • Gentle Relief for Specific Tensions
  • Feeling of well-being
  • Safe and peaceful environment
  • Promoting the Mother-Baby Bond

Discover the caring touch of Pregnancy Massage at the Fisioplexus Clinic. Designed to provide gentle relief and well-being for mums and babies. A cosy atmosphere, specific tensions addressed and the mother-baby bond promoted. Book your session now for moments of serenity during this special time. 💆‍♀️🌼 #MassageForPregnantMums 1TP5SpecialCare #FisioplexusMaternity ✨🤰

Anti-cellulite massage


The anti-cellulite massage is a vigorous massage and works as a great complement in the treatment of cellulite, as it improves blood and lymphatic circulation in the area, reduces adhesions and nodules resulting from cellulite, and gives the skin a more uniform appearance.

We have to remember, that alonemassages are not effective in treating cellulite (fibro oedema), é crucial have a follow-up nutrition and physical exerciseso that there can be effective and lasting results.

Oriental Chiropractic Massage

Awaken harmony with every touch! Our Oriental Chiropractic Massage at the Fisioplexus Clinic combines tradition and innovation for a unique wellness experience. Energy alignment, tension relief and holistic balance. Book your session and embark on this journey of serenity! 🌸🌟 #Oriental Chiropractic #EquilíbrioTotal #FisioplexusWellbeing 🌿✨

Cupping Therapy

At the Fisioplexus Clinic, we present an innovative service to revitalise your body and promote well-being: Wind Therapy. Discover the unique benefits of this technique that combines tradition and modernity for a complete therapeutic experience.

Exclusive benefits:

  • Activation of Tissue Circulation and Oxygenation
  • Effective relief from muscle tension
  • Detoxification and Integral Wellbeing

Discover the invigorating benefits of Wind Therapy at the Fisioplexus Clinic. Activate circulation, relieve muscle tension and promote natural detoxification. An integral therapeutic approach to revitalise body and mind. Book your session and experience a new dimension of well-being. 🌬️💖 #Ventosoterapia #Wellness #FisioplexusCuida ✨🌿