Cupping Therapy

Therapist Isa Patricio


Revitalise Your Body: Wind Therapy at the Fisioplexus Clinic! 🌬️💆‍♂️


At the Fisioplexus Clinic, we present an innovative service to revitalise your body and promote well-being: Wind Therapy. Discover the unique benefits of this technique that combines tradition and modernity for a complete therapeutic experience.



Activated Circulation: Wind therapy uses the gentle force of a vacuum to activate blood circulation, providing effective oxygenation of the tissues and helping to remove toxins.

Relieves muscle tension: The relaxing effects of the technique are especially noticeable when it comes to relieving muscle tension. The controlled pressure of the suction cups promotes deep relaxation.

Natural detox: This treatment contributes to the body's natural detoxification, stimulating the lymphatic system and helping to eliminate impurities.

Integral well-being: More than just a physical therapy, wind therapy at Fisioplexus is an integral experience. It promotes energy balance, stress relief and contributes to a general sense of well-being.


Exclusive benefits:

  • Activation of Tissue Circulation and Oxygenation
  • Effective relief from muscle tension
  • Detoxification and Integral Wellbeing

Renew your vitality with Wind Therapy at the Fisioplexus Clinic. Book your session now and feel the difference in your body and mind. 🌬️🌟 #Ventosoterapia #Wellness #FisioplexusCuida 🌿💖