Anti-cellulite massage


The anti-cellulite massage is a vigorous massage and works as a great complement in the treatment of cellulite, as it improves blood and lymphatic circulation in the area, reduces adhesions and nodules resulting from cellulite, and gives the skin a more uniform appearance.

We have to remember, that alonemassages are not effective in treating cellulite (fibro oedema), é crucial have a follow-up nutrition and physical exerciseso that there can be effective and lasting results.

Our massage is more than an aesthetic experience; it's a specialised therapy that aims to reduce cellulite, stimulate circulation and promote firmer skin. We use specialised suction cups for an effective approach. This proven technique is designed to break down fat deposits, improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Exclusive benefits:

  • Visible reduction of cellulite
  • Stimulation of Blood Circulation
  • Deep Relaxation and Revitalisation

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