Child psychology is a scientific field dedicated to the study and clinical intervention of the mind and behaviour of children and adolescents.

Different factors can interfere positively or negatively in children's healthy development, ranging from genetic and systemic inheritance to environmental, psychosocial, educational and relational conditions.

Psychology uses a series of models and techniques to help understand the psychological and behavioural issues that arise throughout development, as well as to help children, adolescents and families deal with issues that cause difficulties and suffering in development.

Psychological assessment and intervention consultations with children and young people can help in areas such as:

Emotional and/or behavioural issues (fears, anxiety, depression, relationship and adaptation difficulties, among others);

Learning difficulties;

Psychosocial skills training and

Parental support.

If you are concerned about your child's psychological development or well-being, it is important to consult a health professional to receive an appropriate assessment and treatment plan.

At Fisioplexus, we have the help of our specialist in Child and Youth Psychology, Dr Maria João Monteiro.

 The consultation is aimed at children (aged 5 and over) and teenagers, with the co-operation of parents and/or relatives with parental responsibility.