Dr Maria João Monteiro | Psychologist

In our psycho-emotional energy therapy, we offer an innovative approach that goes beyond the conventional, integrating ancient knowledge with the latest discoveries in psychology.

Holistic approach: Our therapy considers the person as a complete being, connecting mind, body and spirit. We understand that integral health goes beyond isolated symptoms, and we seek to restore balance in all areas of your life.

Energy Balance: We believe in the vital influence of energy on a person's well-being. Techniques such as EFT, Visualisation, Quantum Therapy, Crystal Therapy and Psionic Therapy (RP® tables) are used to balance the energy field, with the aim of bringing clarity and inner peace.

Releasing Traumas and Blockages: Psycho-emotional energy therapy aims to release past traumas and emotional blockages. By addressing these deep-seated issues, it aims to promote greater emotional resilience and the overcoming of personal challenges.

Self-knowledge and Global Well-being: Our ultimate goal is to provide a significant increase in your well-being. From improvements in self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence, stress reduction, balance and connection with yourself and the world.