Dr Maria João Monteiro | Psychologist

Ambient Therapy consists of an energetic intervention in a space, with the aim of harmonising the place, bringing positive vibrations and creating harmony between the space and the person. The aim is to bring the benefits of cleaning and harmonisation to the place, in line with the objectives and needs felt by the owners of the space; creating harmony in the system.


"One person can make all the difference. An oasis of peace inside your home, in a small place in the universe, can make all the difference to the world (...) Homes are beings no different from your friends and family.

They need love and acceptance, just like the rest of us."

Linn, Denise


Vibrational Environmental Therapy combines environmental healing with positive vibrations to create spaces that nourish the body, mind and soul.

This therapy uses the Quantum Bagua methodology.


Create Your Purpose for Your Personal Sanctuary: Transform your space into a haven of peace and tranquillity, starting from your personal goal. The potentisation of qualities and energetic vibrations for your space starts from your initial needs and an initial environmental diagnosis.

Healing Vibrations: We integrate vibrational practices, such as the use of specific frequencies (RP® Casa Viva Psionic Table and other vibrational techniques), to stimulate an environment conducive to health and serenity.

Subtle Energy for Balance: We believe in the influence of subtle energies in your space and incorporate energy balancing practices to ensure an environment that promotes holistic equilibrium.

Personalisation for Your Lifestyle: Each environmental therapy is adapted to your needs and preferences. Whether it's to create a productive workplace or a relaxing space at home, we personalise our approach to suit your lifestyle.

Intervention possibilities:

  • Initial physical intervention + Diagnosis + Energy Intervention
  • Initial Physical Intervention + Diagnosis and Energetic Intervention + Quantum Bag and Blows
  • Initial Physical Intervention + Diagnosis and Energy Intervention + Quantum Bag and Blows + Energy Maintenance


Transform your life by transforming your environment! Book your appointment now to find out how Vibrational Environmental Therapy can improve the quality of your space and your life!

Note: This therapy is carried out remotely, with face-to-face or online meetings with the owner of the space.

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