Sports Massage

At Fisioplexus in Loulé, you'll find the highest quality sports massage! We offer a service dedicated to athletes and sports enthusiasts looking to improve their performance and take care of their bodies in a unique way.


Accelerated Recovery: Our Sports Massage aims to speed up muscle recovery, relieving tension and promoting flexibility. An essential ally for those seeking to optimise athletic performance.

Injury Prevention: With specialised techniques, we focus on injury prevention, strengthening specific areas of the body and ensuring that you are ready to face any athletic challenge.

Personalised Fitting: Each session is adapted to your needs and sporting goals. Whether you're a professional athlete or someone who loves to stay active, we offer a personalised service to improve your performance.

Improved flexibility: We increase flexibility, providing a greater range of movement, which is essential for improving the effectiveness of workouts and preventing injuries caused by muscle stiffness.


Exclusive benefits:

Enhanced muscle recovery

Sports Injury Prevention

Personalised Fitting for Athletes of All Modalities


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