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Cellulite Treatment

We treat your cellulite at FisioPlexus with professional anti-cellulite cocktails that we apply with rollers and suction cups and in some cases through Mesotherapy. Call us for more information! .................. 928 140 226 Call the national mobile network

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      Welcome to our clinic

      FisioPlexus is a health and wellness clinic that has a team of professionals specialized in different areas of health.

      FisioPlexus is a physiotherapy clinic in Loulé, which seeks to provide a unique and specific answer to everyone who seeks it. FISIOPLEXUS is a health and well-being space that was designed to have a family health identity, whose choice of location was intended to be in a quiet and easily accessible area. Advanced Physiotherapy. A physiotherapy clinic in Loulé with our physiotherapy consultations are based on the practice standards of the profession, scientific evidence and clinical experience of professionals. We have a team of specialized professionals and partnerships in different areas of health with close communication with each other, for the benefit of the patient. With Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture aims to recover the body as a whole and needles are used to stimulate specific points of the body, in order to promote physical, mental and emotional integrity. In the nutrition a thorough assessment of the patient is made and the purpose of coming to us is understood. The objectives and goals are different for each person, as such, patients who aim to lose or gain weight, nutritional in childhood and athletes and their dietary needs can be monitored.