The Occupational Therapy is the science that studies human activity and uses as a therapeutic resource to prevent and treat physical and/or psychosocial difficulties that interfere with the patient's development and independence, assessing people's ability to perform activities of daily living by analysing the factors that influence this performance.

The difficulty of implementation may be present from birth, develop with age or be caused by an accident or illness.

O Occupational Therapist intervenes with the aim of developing competences and recover lost utilitiesthrough traditional techniques or support technologies.


In these cases, the Occupational Therapist will assess the patient's performance in the activities of daily living that they are unable to carry out, as well as the factors that influence their performance in these activities. objective of your intervention:

  • Assessing the patient's needs, expectations and potential from an occupational perspective;
  • Assess, plan and intervene using specific occupational therapy tools and according to the specific occupational needs of each individual;
  • Promoting involvement in meaningful activities, with the aim of achieving their maximum level of functionality and independence in occupations;
  • Promote personal development;
  • Promoting work habits and maintaining attention to tasks;
  • Prevention of disability through appropriate strategies, with a view to providing the patient with maximum performance and autonomy in the different areas of occupation;
  • Promote the sharing of intervention strategies with family members/carers in order to enhance the patient's development.